Andrew Ludwar – Solutions Architect at Red Hat


I’m a linux and open source enthusiast located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Over the course of my career, I’ve seen a variety of opinions on open source software & technologies.  From enthusiasts to critics, to just the business focused, to the uninformed and the misinformed.  No matter your stance or line of business, it’s always worth knowing what is out there and what is available to you.

Throughout my 15 years in IT, It’s been my responsibility to sort through these solutions and implementations and bring that knowledge to the business.  In doing so, I see a lot of untapped business value that is typically obstructed by close-minded thinking, or just not knowing what is out there and available to you.  As such, I’ve made it a goal to broaden my own knowledge of open source technologies at the enterprise level, and share my experiences.

Both modern business and the open source ecosystem has never moved as quickly as it does today.  The rate of change and the rate of innovation continue to grow at an exponential rate.  As a result, we need to adapt, learn, and drive business value quicker than ever before.  Never has collaboration been more vitally important than it is today.  Let’s work on these challenges together, and contribute our efforts back to our communities.

These blog posts are my own.