Migrating RHEV storage domains

Recently, I’ve been doing some troubleshooting in my virtualization environment, specifically with the NFS storage backing it. To isolate an issue I needed to migrate all the VM disks off the main data store to another one. I hadn’t performed this kind of activity before, but found it to be quite easy. I quickly built an additional NFS server, added it into RHV, and migrated the VM disks to it with just a few clicks and some waiting for the copying to be complete. This article was basic, but helpful.

I selected all my VM disks on the original NFS data store and clicked “Move”. Since I only had two data stores, the other was auto-selected and I just had to hit “OK”.


They slowly started moving over:

RHEV Copying

After a little while, I saw my previous NFS data store to be depleted, and the new store now containing all the VM disks:

RHEV Domains


Next up, I’ll elaborate on why I’m doing this troubleshooting :).