Importing VMs into RHV from KVM

To import virtual machines from a KVM/libvirt hypervisor into Red Hat Virtualization, is pretty easy. RHV will handle the v2v copying for you in the background, there are just a couple prerequisite steps to take prior to importing. On the RHV hypervisor host you’re proxying the import connection through, setup passwordless SSH from the vdsm user to the root user on the source hypervisor:

# sudo -u vdsm ssh-keygen
# sudo -u vdsm ssh-copy-id
# sudo -u vdsm ssh

From the RHV virtual machines section, click “Import”. You’ll get to enter the URI connection string and authentication details, clicking “Load” will make the connection and populate the VMs listing:

RHV Import

You can chose to directly import the VM, or clone it into the environment:

RHV Import

After a little wait for the copying and conversion, we’re done!

RHV Moved