Ansible Workshop Materials

Recently we had one of the largest and most interesting meetups I think the Calgary market has seen in quite a while. We were able to run an Ansible Workshop, which is a mix of presentation and hands-on lab content. What makes these workshops different (and a reason people love them) is we get to teach a concept, then implement it in a lab. Teach a concept, do a lab. So attendees get to do immediate application of the knowledge they just gained, and they walk away with real skills they could use in their day-to-day work right away. Attendence and feedback for this event were excellent:

Calgary RHUG

The second great thing about these workshops is that they’re 100% open source. The Red Hat Ansible team publishes all the training slides, the exercises, examples, and AWS lab provisioners in a git repo for easy consumption and repetition. There’s nothing stopping someone from spinning up one of these workshops internally for themselves for their own practice and training. The main git repo is located here for those who are interested.

There are also Networking specific workshops, and a Windows workshop available as well. I’m hoping to be able to bring these to Western Canada in the short term future.

Thanks to all who attended and helped run the event!