The Cloud is Just Another Sun

I’ve enjoyed Kyle Rankin’s writing for the Linux Journal for several years now. Recently, he presented a topic at FOSDEM 2019 covering the current risk of cloud provider lock in where he draws comparison to the proprietary UNIX wars of the 90s and 00s. He highlights linux and open source software’s immense success during this time, and how everyone benefit from relief of costly proprietary vendor lock-in. What I think is especially relevant is how this same war hasn’t went away… it’s just moved to the cloud, and while linux and FOSS “won” in the past, there’s no guarantee the new cloud lock-in threat will turn out the same way.

Have a listen to Kyle’s talk. It’s a fantastic compare and contrast, and highlights what we can do as FOSS supporters, but also general users to keep open source thriving for everyone.

FOSDEM 2019 – The Cloud is Just Another Sun